A.C. Grant, Greek Captives and Mediterranean Slavery (1260-1460)

Titolo: Greek Captives and Mediterranean Slavery, 1260-1460
Autore: A.C. Grant
Data di pubblicazione: Maggio 2024
Casa editrice: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 9781399523837
Pagine: 256

Greek Captives and Mediterranean Slavery: in breve

Captivity and enslavement were characteristic experiences of Greek Christians in the late medieval Mediterranean. During this time, Muslim Turks and Christian western Europeans conquered and traded at the expense of the shrinking Byzantine Empire. By bringing together literary and documentary sources spanning a geographical canvas from the Aegean to Egypt and from Cyprus to Catalonia, this book tells that story in full for the first time. It traces this crisis of captivity from its origins in thirteenth-century Asia Minor to its explosion into a Mediterranean-wide phenomenon, interrogating different types of unfreedom and forced movement and evaluating their significance for Greeks’ religious and diplomatic relationships with their neighbours, both Christian and Muslim.

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